Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Nice word, Hiatus. It really means a break in a continuum, an interruption. But it also means that after the break things will continue.

So it applies for this blog, not that this journal is a continuum. Let's just say that I am taking a break for awhile. I will return after the New Year with renewed vigor (at least not having snot on the brain).

Some topics, you ask? How about Perlman Part III? Family get-togethers? And other observations that inspire the ageing muse?

BRB is Write(TTFN)

Friday, December 15, 2006

Still Sick

OK, I'm still sick, and I'm sure no one wants a blow-by-blow (pun intended) account of my infirmity. But this sucks. Seems to be a lot of this type of cold going around, and 'cause I've been out and about these past few days, I'm sure I've done my part to spread it to those that don't deserve it.

Yesterday, Ms CPB and I helped to finish up her Dad's moving from a small house to a gigantic one fifty miles away. Her Dad is eighty, and out lasted both of us. I hope I didn't infect him; Ms CPB didn't stay far enough from me, and now she has it. However, since we both have stopped smoking she gets sick fewer times and the cold doesn't last as long. I can only hope.

Snot must affect the brain, or the connections from thought to brain. Just a theory. (see what I mean?)

BRB is Write (and miserable)

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It Ain't Fair

I have a cold and a sore throat. So what? you say. This is what:

November 11, 2005 I quit smoking. Two months later I got strep throat, and a bad cold. Less than a year later I have a sore throat and a cold. The last time I had strep throat, was 1993, winter, in Canada. I have had very few colds my adult life. I don't get flu. I quit smoking, and get sick twice in the same year. It ain't fair.

BRB is Write (and sick)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Soup Time in Carolina

In the late Fall our thoughts turn to soup. That's right, hot, savory, delicious, comforting soup. Ms CPB makes the best soup I have ever had; and not only does she do soup very, very well, she likes making it as much as I like eating it. I am many times blessed. She is the Goddess of soups.

This season alone she has made corn and black bean chowder with bacon and lots of other good stuff; vegetable beef; tomato; sausage, greens and bean; chicken veg with pasta. At any one time, we will have several varieties of left-over soup in the fridge. Last night we each had a different soup with grilled cheese sandwiches (my contribution) and still have one more in storage and more planned for the weekend cooking. Which brings me to the whole point of this essay:

How do you, dear reader, re-heat your left-over soup? I favor using a pot on the stove. You get to stir it occasionally and the aroma wafts around the room. Ms CPB has no real preference: microwave or stove top. Now, I have tried both methods and will make time for the stove top. Microwaved soup may not be heated through, the appliance is noisy, and there is no aroma throughout the kitchen.

What do you think? I have to go make a choice for lunch.

BRB is Write (and hungry)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lessons From the Past

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It needs to be remembered, not for Japan's attack, but for our reaction to it. I'm glad to see the third generation from the event still talking and writing about it. See PDB's posting. It makes my point.

On my recent visit to my Mom, she told me a few things that I really didn't know about the time. I knew that my Dad and Mom had to move the date of their wedding up 'cause Dad had to report to boot camp a lot sooner. A two-day honeymoon, and off he was to San Diego. He was stationed in San Francisco between sea duties. Mom told me that they decided to have a child during the war because if he was lost, she would have his child. I never knew that. I always thought that my sister, born Oct '43, was a result of a fortuitous union while Dad had shore duty. I was post-war, Jul '46. Both planned.

Even at 89, Mom still surprises me.

The country reacted to the attack typical of Americans of the day. I'm not sure how we would react today, and that is a sad thought.

BRB is Write (and still prays for no more war)