Monday, November 26, 2007

From September 20 to November 26

That is a long time in the blog world. As it happens, it's been a long time for BRB also. Many small events in the larger scheme have passed through my life. We've had a few milestones and some rather glorious times as a family. We've been to two concerts and watched one legend perform. I got on an airplane again. (survived the whole flight ordeal, as you can see.)

To start, we lost a loved and very senior member of our family. She passed after a long illness and a lot of intrusion by the medical geniuses of our for-profit system. (That is how I saw it. I won't inject any more political statements.) She is missed.

I went to visit my mother shortly after that and found her in good health and still living on her own at age 90. I visited last year, and we had a lot to catch up on. This year we tended to just sit in companionable silence. I took her grocery shopping and slept on her sofa. We ate most evenings in the rather elegant dining room of her community. When the Lakers or the Clippers were on we watched; we dozed, we watched and at the end wondered who won as we went to bed. I stayed seven days, and found that that was one day too many. But it was a good visit.

PDB finally announced to the blog world that he and his most amazing spouse are having a son in late February. Read all about it.

Favorite son-in-law had major surgery and Ms CPB and I had that grandchild for a week of his Dad's recovery. I was not in shape for that. Grandchild learned to crawl that week and we chased him all over the house.

These are just some of the family happenings that I never got around to writing about. Over whelmed is not too strong a feeling for that period. I will get around to a few concert reviews and other stuff soon.

BRB is Write (and will continue)