Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slaughter at Virginia Tech

I haven't posted on this event 'cause so many have. Just a few observations:

If ever we have a tragedy that affects our family, and a reporter comes within hitting distance poking a microphone or recorder in my face and asking me how we feel about said tragedy...
She/he will not be camera ready for any more interviews for a long time.

All the news outlets made more money off of this slaughter than they did wringing their hands over Don Imus.

The slaughter at Blacksburg, transferred to Iraq: Just another average day of murder by sub-human criminals. Hardly worth all the media coverage. I guess that's why I love this country and do not understand theirs. What the hell are we still doing there? Why do they still have rocks to sit on? It should all be rubble and sand by now.

Enough. Liberal angst is about to set in.

BRB is Write(and sorely confused)

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Full-Time Job?

I haven't been posting lately 'cause I gotta go to WORK everyday and only get to play with the computer a few minutes at a time. Also, I'm too bloody tired to do much else after work but watch live sports.

The last time I had a full-time day job was ****years ago. So now I just flit around the internet and drop a few pearls of wisdom on some of my favorite sites. I also deposit some swine droppings here and there.

But this job is temporary. I may be in full voice again in a few weeks. However, getting a steady paycheck could be habit forming. I hope so.

Ta ta for now

BRB is Write (and has a job)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

One More Thing I Don't Understand About Business

Circuit City has fired 3,400 of its best workers in a cost-cutting measure.

Let me try to understand this. The most experienced, most knowledgeable, longest serving and most dedicated workers got their pink slips. That seems to leave only the lowest paid, least helpful, and least ambitious retail clerks to help their customers. These are the same folk who get your order wrong at the drive-thru. That may only cost you 8-10 bucks and some irritation. Screwing up a home-theater system may cost a bit more.

The word contempt comes to mind. They have contempt for their customers (much like Wal-Mart has) and no consideration for their long-term employees.

Let's take the employees first. They get fired for being competent, loyal and remunerated/rewarded for being so. Circuit City is union free. Don't blame a union for driving up wages. These loyal folk took the company training, obeyed the rules, sold a lot of product and got fired for their competence. Where's the incentive for doing well in one's job? CC took that away. I wonder how CC's recruiting new employees reads? Do well and we will throw you on unemployment? Take the training and we will fire you for being competent? CC may as well open up a drive-thru window.

Now the customers: How stupid do they think we are? We will be satisfied with someone pointing us to the appliance section and asking for an interpreter when the clerk has English for a third language?

I will never again go there to shop. They can discount all they want. I read desperation and contempt in their business strategy. I like shopping, no, make that buying, at an establishment that shows competence and confidence. Circuit City has destroyed those concepts to their demise.

BRB is Write (and still naive)