Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Slaughter at Virginia Tech

I haven't posted on this event 'cause so many have. Just a few observations:

If ever we have a tragedy that affects our family, and a reporter comes within hitting distance poking a microphone or recorder in my face and asking me how we feel about said tragedy...
She/he will not be camera ready for any more interviews for a long time.

All the news outlets made more money off of this slaughter than they did wringing their hands over Don Imus.

The slaughter at Blacksburg, transferred to Iraq: Just another average day of murder by sub-human criminals. Hardly worth all the media coverage. I guess that's why I love this country and do not understand theirs. What the hell are we still doing there? Why do they still have rocks to sit on? It should all be rubble and sand by now.

Enough. Liberal angst is about to set in.

BRB is Write(and sorely confused)


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