Thursday, March 15, 2007

"This Is Your Weapon; This Is Your Gun"

I read a number of self-titled gun blogs. Most of the links come from PDB. It may be a little late in the parenting process, but I want to know what he is reading; who is influencing him besides his parents. Stupid notion, I know; he is what he is and we helped enable that.

Some of these blogs are rather negative and I don't go there. Most are well written, are adamant about supporting 2nd Amendment rights, and informative about various firearms and their history and function in battle, hunting and target use. Check these out: Tam, Colt, and Lawdog.

Why I'm not linking to liberal blogs is because those I have read are illiterate, poorly thought out, and totally wrong footed. But I digress.

Back in the last century '67 I got drafted. The first day of army basic training we were issued M-14s. After a lot of lecturing, instruction, and exhortation, the 1st SGT/DI got in front of the whole company and chanted this:

"This is your weapon (holds M-14 over his head),
This is your gun (grabs crotch)
This is for killing (brandishes M-14)
This is for fun (grabs crotch)"

I guess they were trying to drive the civilian out of all of us. Anyone who called the weapon a gun in hearing of a DI did push ups; or they had to drop into what was called the "front leaning rest." This is the start position for a push up; try maintaining that position for five minutes or more; agonizing. Weapon, rifle, firearm were all ok. NOT GUN!

So when I read these "gun" blogs, I can't help thinking weapon and push ups.

I have never owned a firearm. When I was eleven, my grandfather got me a Daisy Pump BB Gun. It was fired by a heavy spring-loaded pin. It had a magazine that fed the bbs. It was so hard to cock, that I had to put the butt on the ground and use both hands to chamber a round. He had a single-shot .22 that I got to fire once in awhile.

My next exposure to firearms was the army, and then later when PDB was on his own. I still like them; they have their place; they have provided me with some recreation and some close times with PDB.

So, "gun" bloggers, especially ex- or current military members, is it a weapon or a gun? Has anyone else heard that weapon/gun chant? Mr. liberal wants to know.

BRB is Write (and wants some answers)


Anonymous damaged justice said...

A distinction and context lost on most not in a specialized field or service. See the division between tattoo artists, with the blithering hippie contingent represented by such statements as "It would be less insulting to call your mother a whore than to call a machine of art, a gun", and those more sensible types who call it what they want and let other people foam at the mouth about it if such is their preference.

(Of course when you're in the service, you follow their rules.)

12:41:00 PM  

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