Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I want my old blogger back! The new one will NOT let me edit, will not recognize changes in spelling; will not let me save as a draft with my changes; will not let me edit ANYTHING I have saved as a draft. They have changed all the font sizes so that normal is now small and large is what normal used to be. I have tried to copy some text from another source and then edit it; no go. If I make an error and then publish the post, I cannot go back and correct it;

This new and better blogger crap does not work; it is a piece of shit, and I am about ready to call it quits. I was having fun with this blogging stuff until the techie, geekie assholes decided to make it better; there are no instructions for bloggers like me who don't understand much of that bullshit jargon they use for English.

There is no help by e-mail; If you cannot get by with that crap they call help, tough shit. "Why should we care; the site is free; you're too stupid to be blogging anyway." I guess I got what I paid for.

BRB is Write (and writely pissed off)


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