Monday, November 20, 2006

Democrats Win! So What

For the first time since we moved to NC I missed a federal election day. I was too busy worrying about losing my sanity by going through security and boarding a plane on the way to visit my Mom. Or, the toothless Bichon we live with ate the ballot. No excuses, I didn't vote; I don't feel good about it; I will not whine about politics and politicians for the next two years. I did not exercise my franchise.

Just a word to Democrats: Don't Gloat. The blame is all yours now. You have no excuses for doing nothing. No sooner do the liberal types win than I get a link to Michael Moore with this. Not only is this gloating, it is cynical, and no way is it sincere. If any one of those pledges comes true, I will carry Michael Moore's bags from Flint to where ever he wants to go. I think many of those pledges are desirable to achieve. But you, Mr Moore, cheapen the argument and goals by your presentation and make them harder to obtain. "That liberal asshole Michael wants universal health care and tolerance for all folk and their religion. Has to be a bad idea 'cause Moore wants it."

I hate self-proclaimed liberals who have an audience. Much of what Moore presented in Rodger and Me and other films was true, but the presentation was guaranteed to offend all but the most loyal supporters. Same with Fahrenheit 911. I couldn't finish either one. Without you liberal hacks, we in the bleachers, in the pews, on the shop floor, and voting may achieve some of those pledges.

When I was the chief steward in our local, many years ago, the President of the local was one of the smartest people I have ever known. Not only was she a woman, she was blond and younger than me. I thought I had lived a pretty interesting life to that point. Her experiences made us look like the Cleavers. She kept saying to me how can you be so naive when faced with people's problems? Anyway, we won an arbitration when the company clearly violated the contract. We caught the personnel manager in several lies. After it was all over, I said to Linda, "I want to gloat; can I gloat now; we were right." She said "No you can't gloat, now or ever. We have to work with this person again and again. Gloating just makes us look unprofessional and like uneducated shop workers. We would lose credibility in his eyes." Pretty smart lady. Did I mention that she is now a national rep. with a major international union?

So Democrats, just get to work; don't gloat, don't even snicker in private. You will be held accountable, and likely found wanting.

BRB is Write (did I mention that I am a liberal?)


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