Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Minor Stuff

We had an earthquake this morning according to the local fish-wrap's web site. What quake? My cat (he is large!) registers more on the BRB scale when he hits the ground running than the 2.6 registered on the Richter scale just NE of our town. The Richter scale is a log scale, like sound intensity (decibels), and an earthquake of 3.6 is ten times as intense as our puny 2.6. In SoCal, where some of us are from, anything under 4.5 is never mentioned and everyone yawns at anything under 6.0. Get a grip hyphen town!

The beer blogs continue. Check out PDB and Tam for insight and comments on beer as drink and beer as taste experience. For me, if it says beer on the label, if it was never flavored, if it doesn't look like coke, if it doesn't bite back, and if I can have more than one pint without feeling bloated, it's for me. 'nuf said on beer.

I like cooked meat. I shop for raw meat at the local "sad meat bin." (Thanks to unix_jedi for that term) The only problem is elbowing out of the way all the rude seniors and stay-at-home moms for the good stuff. Never mind that I'm (at the moment) stay-at-home spouse. A good steak, ribeye, NY strip and the like are still $6-8/lb. But they are well aged. Cook 'em or freeze 'em I grab what I can. Just stay away from my elbows.

After blogger ate some of my best prose, and then lost it's connection, and then refused to give back what I had written, I now save as draft (another beer reference) each precious paragraph. Just write it again, you say? Among other things baby boomers tend to loose is short-term memory along with car keys, glasses, and what name belongs to which pet and what child.

BRB is Write (and looking forward to his next draught)


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