Monday, October 02, 2006

Koran or Quran

Okay, you journalists, when did ya'all start the PC spelling and pronunciation of this book that we all have called the Koran since forever? Even Mark Steyn uses Quran in his latest screed about the terrorists' treatment at Gitmo.

My American Heritage Dictionary fourth edition, lists Koran first, and Quran as a variant from Arabic. If we don't give them creedence anyway, as they are murdering cowards, why be PC about it?

As Steyn writes: "It seems to me that one sign this war is over is when Muslims are grown-up enough not to go to full-blown baklava nuts over other folks touching their Qurans." Exactly. It ain't gonna happen, Mark. Please go back to Koran.

BRB is Write(Koran is good enough for me)


Anonymous Mathman said...

I know you've been aching for some comments. Don't worry, they'll come. I'm really enjoying reading you lately -- great writing! Keep it up!

5:28:00 PM  
Anonymous Mathman said...

And then I noticed I just commented on the wrong post. I agree with you on the Koran thing, though. We don't call Germany Deutscheland even though that's their word for it. We've been making up our own words/spellings for foreign things forever! And we're not alone in this either. Spell it Koran and get over it!

5:31:00 PM  

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