Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dog Owners

Please, please keep your pets under control. If you're in town keep them on a leash, confined to the yard, in the house. Don't let them roam the neighborhood.

I was rolling down one of our downtown expressways this afternoon. Cars ahead of me were bailing out left and right, pounding brakes, and creating chaos. As I bailed on the right shoulder, I saw someone's dog lying in the right lane. I thought it was dead, and went on past, checking my mirrors to see who was going to hit me from behind. The dog (rather large, short-haired, brown) got up and staggered into the left lane. That is the last I saw it.

Someone lost a pet.

I make no judgement. I am only reporting. Just take care of them.

BRB is Write (and likes dogs)


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