Thursday, August 10, 2006

Pinhead Final Fantasy Part III

This should all be over soon. This is my last week doing phone surveys for a Major University with a Major Medical School and a Major Athletic program.

I've told you about no business plan, and no funding. I've told you about the center resurrecting itself early next year. I've mentioned lies and damned lies. So the following may seem minor and rather petty.

All employees got an e-mail on Sun. advising all that the center will be providing lunch and dinner all week. Well, that's nice I thought. Mon it was pizza. Tues bagels and donuts. Wed. doritos, salsa and nacho cheese and fruit still in the Wal-Mart bags. Wed evening surplus employees took up a collection for some fried chicken and sides for Thurs. I chose not to participate. Dinner as defined by the powers at the center is good enough for this surplus guy. Hey, they have stood by me all this time.

I don't know if this last debacle shows insensitivity, incompetence, or just contempt for the rest of us remaining until the very end. I suspect the last. And I am walking away with much the same feeling for the remaining, anonymous powers.

Also, I have learned from sources that shall remain unnamed, that a CHOSEN few of the surplus will be CALLED to finish up some remaining business after the rest of us are gone. I wish them well. Many are called, but few are chosen.

I hope that this is the final whimper of a once resourceful, imaginative, and competent workplace.


BRB is Write (and sad)


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