Sunday, August 13, 2006

Final Fantasy: Epilogue

We all said goodbye this week. The Major University with the Major Medical School and the Major Athletic Program gave us the finale. I missed Thursday. I had the choice of visiting a dead workplace or having dinner with many of my family members. It was not too tough to make that choice. I told my supervisor I had transportation problems. What's one more lie among liars?

Friday was entirely bizarre. We who were left had some cake provided by the MU with the MMC and the MAP. I was prepared; I had dinner before going in. Nice touch, cake, I reckon. We heard that some administrators had been in to visit the day-shift. Message: They will work with all diligence to have our workplace up and running by Feb 07. We were also told that said administrators came back at 5pm to talk with the evening shift. Too bad no one told them that the evening shift that day started at 6pm. They left. Their message was delivered by the remaining supervisor.

That supervisor takes very poor minutes of meetings. Also, I got a goodbye, nice knowing you card from a very nice co-worker. Also I got a $5 gift card from whom I'm not sure, but it was in a thank you for all the hard work card. The card was from the above supervisor. I had to sign for it. On the list of gift cards and signatures were various denominations of said cards, from $20 to $5. What am I to think? Is this just more indifference, incompetence, carelessness, or contempt? Did all surplus workers get a gift card? (The card is good at one of the poorest grocery stores in the area. $5 is just about enough for a six-pack.)

I stayed two hours and made a few calls. No surveys completed, but I talked with a lot of old folks. If any of the surplus employees are invited back, it will take months to get all the completions needed to satisfy the head investigator.

However, BRB will rise above it all. I see that the MU with the MMS and MAP has some openings for positions I am qualified for. I can tell them that I understand the funding cycle and grant awarding process. I won't expect cake with the bad news.

I made a lot of friends through it all. I'll still never understand business; academic, commercial or otherwise, it will remain a mystery. However, experience of any kind makes us who we are. It's how we grow, and how we mature.

This is not a whine. It's a post mortum.

BRB is Write


Anonymous pdb said...

See, this is what you get when the managers have spent their entire lives getting academic meal tickets without the threat of firing for poor performance.

3:03:00 PM  

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