Friday, August 18, 2006

Absolutely Useless Rant

But I'm going to do it anyway. Journals are therapeutic to the journalist.

This is about trying to educate Carolina drivers. I've had several goes at it, so has PDB( But here I go again.

Dear Carolina driver,

That stalk on the steering column that flashes a little green light on your instrument panel that you inadvertently hit from time to time is called the directional signal. On my Toyota, if I tap it down it flashes an arrow pointing left, and at the same time flashes a light on the front and rear left side. This means I am going to make a maneuver to the left be it a turn or a lane change. Conversely, if I tap it up it signals a maneuver to the right. Please get used to it.

Turn signals are not optional equipment, nor is their use optional by statute. I realize that this might confuse some drivers as to why I am honking at them when they fail to recognize my flashing turn signal and cut me off, turn in front of me or do something else equally as stupid. I will also guarantee this: my car is older than yours. My car costs less to repair, and your insurance company will pay.

It is nearing the time when school buses will again clog the roads. Please obey the rules and give them all a break. Many of you are over cautious and will stop for a school bus stopped heading the opposite way on a four-lane or greater road with a divider or median or fifth lane turn lane. Please don't! This will confuse those of us who have read the rules concerning school buses. Read it for yourself:

Also, Carolina drivers, please pay attention when you are driving. Most close encounters I have with others involve no one paying attention, either me or them. Driving is fulltime. We have many distractions while driving, phones, stereos, children, dogs, food, smoking; I have been distracted by all of the above, so have you.

One more thing: I don't care how much power your car stereo has. I have heard some that need enough power to supply a small city. I am not impressed. If you are gassing up next to me, shut the damn thing off.

I invite your comments, and you can do it anon.

BRB is Write (and grumpy and nearly got crushed earlier today)


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