Thursday, December 07, 2006

Lessons From the Past

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. It needs to be remembered, not for Japan's attack, but for our reaction to it. I'm glad to see the third generation from the event still talking and writing about it. See PDB's posting. It makes my point.

On my recent visit to my Mom, she told me a few things that I really didn't know about the time. I knew that my Dad and Mom had to move the date of their wedding up 'cause Dad had to report to boot camp a lot sooner. A two-day honeymoon, and off he was to San Diego. He was stationed in San Francisco between sea duties. Mom told me that they decided to have a child during the war because if he was lost, she would have his child. I never knew that. I always thought that my sister, born Oct '43, was a result of a fortuitous union while Dad had shore duty. I was post-war, Jul '46. Both planned.

Even at 89, Mom still surprises me.

The country reacted to the attack typical of Americans of the day. I'm not sure how we would react today, and that is a sad thought.

BRB is Write (and still prays for no more war)


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