Tuesday, March 06, 2007

One More Word on Veterans

I try not to get too political in these musings. But the treatment, or lack there of, of our Vets has me ticked off. The problem is systemic. You can look it up. In this day and age there is the very popular sentiment of "I've got mine, let them get theirs;" or " It doesn't effect me, so what is the big problem?"

Indifference is the problem. Go to this blog, scroll down to the take titled Politics: An Interesting Take. Read the comments. Follow the link to Mauser Girl and read her post on Walter Reed and read the comments. Except for my comments, all have tried to lay blame on past administrations, criticized the press, and said, it's the army, so what.

Laying blame doesn't get better treatment for the wounded. Every administration since the VA was formed is to blame. The military is to blame. We, the people, are to blame. If we are not directly affected, we don't care.

Those that defend our freedoms deserve better. However one views the press, at least they brought it to light to the general public.

BRB is Write(and still angry)


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