Wednesday, November 26, 2008

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What day is this?

While making my dump run I remarked to myself: Self, why are there so many cars on the road? Usually I answer myself right away; when I arrived at the grocery many miles later it hit me. Today is the last sane day of the holiday season. Many of the crazies are getting a head start.

There was one cop for every ten drivers on the roads. All the ones I saw had some one pulled over. (Go get 'em, guys.)

The store was plugged with last-minute shoppers (like me.) The interstate was full of travelers, but just not as many as last year.

I actually do like the holiday season, i.e. Thanksgiving and Christmas. What I don't like is the rest of the people enjoying it with me. By rest of the people, I mean the whole freaking world. Family is ok. Family is great. But the rest of the world best stay out of my way.

I get cranky when: Stores are sold out of the one item I want, nay need.

Other drivers aren't giving me the attention I'm giving them.

I have to go to the mall. (Interesting that I use the same phrasing when I have to go to the toilet.)

When every store clerk says, Have a good holiday. Although, around here you hear Merry Christmas much more than any PC response.

'Nuff crankiness: Y'all have a great Thanksgiving.

BRB Is Write(and has much to be thankful for)


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