Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Dear Diary,...er Blog,

Today I went out and exercised my franchise. For those who know me, in years past, I would have been right at home with my coworkers. Today I had a few pangs of being a political turncoat.

Something about the whole liberal campaign clunks instead of ringing true. I think that we've been sold the color of his skin, and not the content of his character. Makes me sad, really. I could have voted on the liberal side if I felt that character really mattered. Oh well, just call me a bigot.

I don't trust politicians anyway, so I guess I can take some comfort in whatever side wins. They are all not to be relied upon.

Locally, I voted against every incumbent I could identify. Felt pretty good about that.

But the most satisfying thing of all was getting out and voting.

One other thing: I cannot get my link to PDB to work when clicking on the link to the left. So try it here.

BRB is Write(and worked his franchise till it cried for mercy, mercy, mercy)



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