Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's in My Wallet

Those stupid ads got me thinking: what was really in my wallet?

Some things I never thought I'd find in my wallet:

Three business cards from three different doctors. One GP, one specialist of the intestinal variety and one from a shrink.

I have three discount cards from three different grocery chains. I wish doctors would issue them, or have specials once in a while. One discount card from a pharmacy.

Two cards saying which HMO I belong to. One drug card.

Several partially used gift cards.

Another credit card

Some things I cannot do without:

Driver's License; fishing license.

Library cards for the county system and one for the local major university.

Money (one fiver and six ones)

Social Security card (about to be cashed in)

AAA card. When you drive old cars, AAA is your friend. I like to look at maps, also.

Voter registration card. My ticket to vote, however useless that may seem, these days.

Somethings I need to get to carry:

Pictures of Grandchildren to show to everyone. But for that, I really need another wallet.

More money

And more money

BRB Is Write(and is not Andy Rooney)


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