Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Finding a New Voice

That last post has something different about it. Did you spot it? And no, I was not trying to do an Andy Rooney bit. His style, if one has heard it enough, is so easy to imitate that I did it unconsciously. It's like falling into a John Madden voice when talking about football.

Don't try to guess. It's the first post I've done completely sober. All the rest were written under the influence of various amounts of beer, from one to enough that I had to go lie down after I signed off. Lets say that I would have been legally impaired, if driving, about half the time. I don't remember which posts took the most beer to get through.

The other day, I reread most of them, and wondered how I did it. Here's one about my Dad that I rather like. I don't remember how many beers that one took.

Actually I like what I did with most of the topics I chose. Even sober, I generally like what I've written drunk or sober. It's a danger, I know, to fall in love with your writing. It's especially dangerous to really like the ones that had a large chemical influence. I might get the idea that the only way I can write is with a beer at hand and imbibed.

That's why I need a new voice. The old one has gone on the wagon.

BRB is Write (and sober for the first time in many a long year)


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