Friday, November 07, 2008

Election Leftovers (or Rightovers for some, or orts for the not-too-picky)

These are some random thoughts I had as I watched my giddy coworkers on Wed.

It took a lot of white folks to ensure
Obama's victory. I know that he will not forget it, but I wonder about some of his supporters.

In our local fish-wrap today,
syndicated columnist Ellen Goodman (average white woman) writes:

"Race was not 'the issue' in this election. I know that. The issue was the economy. The issue was the war...."

Perhaps race was not the issue in her circle, but it sure was among 98% of the black voters. If 98% of one race votes for a person of the same race, the issue is race.

I should qualify that. In all of the previous elections for president we had our choice of old white guy, younger white guy, military veteran white guy, draft-dodger white guy, smart white guy, not-so-smart white guy. I can understand having a candidate that you strongly identify with. In past presidential elections I have felt strongly disenfranchised. But don't tell me the issue isn't race. I'm not that dumb.

From reading the paper these past few days, not all of the media have sobered up. But when they do, they will face the problem of criticizing a man of race, and having the race card thrown at them. The honeymoon will last longer, but when problems arise, they will face the Imus dilemma.

BRB is Write(and really shouldn't write about politics)



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