Friday, October 23, 2009

Not a Crazy Person Moment

But I have had a few moments recently that could have turned into a reappearance of C.P.

Food Lion needs to get rid of their requirement that every employee, upon encountering a customer, has to say in the general direction of every customer,"Welcome to Food Lion!" Most times when I go there it sounds like an echo or reverb. Also, most of the employees are not face-to-face with the customers. It is lip service in the worst way. No one means it; most hope that you will either ignore them or hope to hell you don't ask where the dried fried onions are shelved.

The last time I was in there, I was standing in line when one of the managers said something to the general atmosphere and walked away at the same time. I asked the guy in front of me what she said, and he said she would check me out at #5. I thanked him and went to #5 where manager said, "Sorry for the wait, welcome to Food lion." A prime moment for C.P. to appear. But he did not. I told her that getting a greeting from four employees who had to say that to keep their jobs was annoying, and she said she was sorry. I said "I sincerely doubt that," and left. Perhaps CP. did not appear, but Mr. Grumpy did.

Also, I'm fielding calls from people wanting to look at the car I have for sale. Since I had vertigo a few weeks ago, my hearing isn't as good as it was. Usually when I ask people to repeat themselves I tell them I have a hearing problem, and they comply, wanting to be understood. But the last guy, who has English only as a second or third language, only spoke faster and less clear when I told him about my hearing. I won't bore you with the whole conversation, but it consisted of him asking a question about the car, and my saying "Say again." Over and over and over. The asking price is clearly posted on the web site. ($525) He kept asking if I would take "garbled" dollars for the car. I said how much? Garble, garble. I finally said "Did you say $800? I'll take $800." Then
clear as can be he said, "No, I said $300."

I try to not be a bigot, but, damnit all, some people want to be discriminated against. They invite it, and then whine loudly about it. Screw 'em. And I won't give my car away for $300.

BRB Is Write(and has C.P. under control....for now)