Monday, May 21, 2007

Why I Hate Banks

I'm not sure how to make this grumble not sound like whining, but here goes:

Bank of America, you suck. I took my last paycheck from my last job to your place to cash, 'cause it is drawn on YOUR bank.

Teller: Do you have an account with us, Mr BRB?

Me: No.

Teller: Where do you bank?

Me: I don't. Ms. CPB does the banking. (as if it's any of your business; I'm trying to be nice.)

Teller: We may have to charge you $5 to cash it; I won't be able to tell until I run it through the system. Have you worked for this employer long?

Me: It was a five-week contract. (I am still trying to be polite. I now give her my driver's license and put my right thumbprint on the face of the check, and endorse their precious check.)

Teller: (after running the check through the system) There will be a $5 charge to cash this check.

Me: No.

Teller: Do you want to pay the $5 to cash this?

Me: No, I said. Please return the check and my ID. This check is drawn on your bank payable to me, who is no longer a stranger. You have my dl# and my thumbprint and my endorsement. We have already used up $5 of your and my time. Goodbye.

Bank of America should be getting enough money out of my employer without gouging me another five bucks. People have called me naive, and I guess I am; but, damnit, banks suck.

I was all prepared to head to the MALL with a fist full of cash to get some needed personal items such as shoes and underwear. It may take months for me to face going to the MALL again. Damn banks! I went to Ms CPB's bank and threw the whole amount into her account.

I have other things to grumble about (never say whine), but I'll save them.

BRB is Write (and rightly brassed off)