Saturday, August 18, 2007

Grump time

So, of course, I went to the sad meat bin and got elbowed aside by lots of white-haired folk, and scored no meat. I will return another day for more abuse. Speaking of my elders, it's almost time for the new symphony season. It's always a trial for me to be polite when all those old folk are pushing into line. However, I figure I only have to survive another 20 years and I, too, will no longer have to be polite.

Message to bicycle riders:

Stay off my roads and stop clogging up rural NC. All you Lance (and Lancette) Armstrong wannabes lobbied so hard for all those "Share The Road" signs without realizing that YOU, too, have to share the road. Riding 3 abreast on a two-lane rural road with a 55 mph speed limit is just plain stupid arrogance. What's even worse, ya'all were doing it up a blind hill approaching a side road. Even my old Corolla will do 55 up a hill, but you cannot. It's a wonder you have survived this long. That little pointy helmet and those stretch what-evers will not protect you from your insanity. And in rural NC, don't flip off anyone who honks at you to let you know that they are passing. When cars overtake you, go single file and hug the white line, and we'll all get along.

Going from Grump to Gramps:

Met favorite son-in-law and #1 grandchild in their local pub. It was passing strange to see Irish son-in-law with a coke and a burger instead of a Guinness and a cigar. Of course he had the most precious, cutest, blue-eyedest 6 month old ever in his lap. It's always a treat to see them. I had the pint, but no cigar.

BRB is Write (and is never grumpy after seeing that child)


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