Thursday, August 16, 2007

I have to do this:

I have to post without anything to say, 'cause I cannot think of anything that is really bugging me now.

Added a new video card and more RAM to this 3 year-old and now practically obsolete computer. We will likely run Windows XP until we replace all the hardware. I tend to hate technology, even though it allows me to run a Corolla up to 240k mi and still going; I can call folk from anywhere on my cell; I can clog up cyber-space with crap like this.

When we lived in Canada, I used to root for global-warming to happen NOW! Now, after the last few weeks in NC, my wishes are coming true. Never had very good timing.

I was going to rant about for-profit health care, but I won't. We seem to pay a lot for rather indifferent care. It's the Wal-mart model, I guess.

Maybe tomorrow will yield more and better ramblings.

BRB is Write (and had nothing to say)


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