Sunday, June 10, 2007

Damn Michael Moore, Anyway

Just when some sort of Universal Health Care is again poking its nose above the foxhole, Michael Moore has to come along and film another one of his agiprop, docu-crap movies. He is so polarizing that he only sets back his issues by the way he portrays them.

Roger and Me was rather brilliant. But, and this is a Big Butt, even for the leftie, liberal, union man that I am, he cheated. He cheapened his take on GM by attacking the wrong people: e.g. ambushing little old ladies of privilege on the golf course. I have my own copy, and have yet to get to the end of it. He actually had me feeling sorry for all those sad capitalists. I guess I'm not a true-red red.

Howard Fineman has a column in the current issue of Newsweek. I don't pay much attention to politicians, but some of the Dems are talking about some sort of universal health plan. I wish them luck, but they really didn't need Michael Moore weighing in on the topic. His contribution will only set the cause back. When the furor about Moore's film subsides, we may, again, be able to address health care sanely.

BRB is Write (and wishes Moore would attack the rampant spread of crap in the media)


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