Friday, August 17, 2007

Solo: I am so naive...

Chorus: How naive are you?

(I have to try this 'cause I am, after 61 years, still rather naive about things.)

When people tell me things I believe them unreservedly. Long, long ago in a country far away I was a shop steward in our local factory. The company had just contracted out the payroll work. The company sent the time cards and pay rates to another company, and we got paid. After many errors and late paychecks, the union decided to get involved and filed several grievances for back pay on short paychecks. Mine was from a young guy who said that the company had not paid him the 40 hrs he said he had worked.

At our first (and only) meeting with the Company rep they produced his time card for the pay period in question. He had so many missed punches and had few supervisor initials to correct the time card that I gave up and pulled him out of the meeting.

He wanted to know if he was getting his back pay. I had to explain to him that punching a time card was part of his job. I also told him that if he lied to another union rep ever again no one would take his case.

We lost because I believed him and didn't do my homework by asking for a copy of his time card.
As I said, naive.

Once when I was chief steward (I got the position by doing my homework) we won a rather important grievance by catching the Personnel Manager in a blatant lie. When we came out of the meeting I exclaimed to our Local President, "He lied! My god, he lied to us the whole time!" She just replied, "Of course he did. For a man of your age and experience you can be remarkably naive." I must say that she is some ten years younger and lifetimes more experienced and wise when dealing with people.

Solo: I am so naive...

Chorus: How naive are you?

I thought O.J was innocent. The jury said so.

Solo: I am so naive...

Chorus: How naive are you?

I think that most people are as polite as I am. I am always surprised by rude behavior. It costs nothing to be polite. I don't feel I am sacrificing any ego by civil behavior. However, don't be rude to me. I can lose my politeness in a heartbeat.

Solo: I am so naive...

Chorus: How naive are you?

I'm off to the sad meat bin at the local Lowes food emporium. I think I'm going to score some bargain meat. The rude septuagenarians and octogenarians will not be there pawing through the bin before me. That's how naive I am.

BRB is Write (and not as naive as I used to be)


Blogger phlegmfatale said...

You know, we must be related. People pull my leg and I'll start off by saying "Really?!!" looking wide-eyed and amazed, and they will often feel guilty (I guess!) and say "just kidding." Teasers!

And rudeness always shocks me, too. Since I'm recovering from pneumonia, dr ordered me to walk in the heat as little as possible and not exert myself until early October. I phoned a resident who took my covered parking space (closest to the office) yesterday and told him he'd have to move his vehicle. He stormed into my office yelling at me for calling him up and "throwing a fit." I'm not a fit thrower. I stew and brood, but I don't throw fits -- I'm afraid of hurting people's feelings - isn't that a laugh? Anyway, I told him apparently there is no way he could have taken the news that he'd have to follow community rules other than to perceive the bearer of the bad news as having thrown a fit. Ugh. Can't wait to get out of that job and away from rude people like that.

Sorry, that turned into a vent session, didn't it? Are you gonna send me a bill for therapy? :P

Oh, and in bargain bins, I generally expect to find what I don't need, or what I needed a few days earlier instead of what I want.

2:05:00 AM  

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