Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Weather Breaks!

Not much of a headline?; not worth my time, your time, or the space here in Pixelland, you say? We have set more records here in our part of NC in the month of August than at any other time. More days recorded a high of 90 degrees F. in August than any year ever recorded. Al Gore weather. Duke Power got more of our money since the Italians spent the winter here late last century. (That's another story.)

I have the air off, and the windows open to the woods, 65F at 6am and 57% humidity. All of August at 6am it was 74F and 90%. It never rained. We are still in the midst of a drought, but rain is promised for tomorrow.

The deer and other animals are going to start moving again, and the slaughter will continue: deer vs autos. I need to get my neighbors to shoot more. I don't shoot deer, 'cause I wouldn't eat it; I like to eat what I kill, e.g. fish.

Speaking of this time of year: School is in, and school buses are clogging the roads. Please give them all the attention you can while driving: put the coffee down; turn off the cell phone; watch for kids. Know the rules for stopping for a school bus which is loading or discharging kids. You can look it up, I did. If you are on a four-lane road with a median, divider, boulevard, and are not following the bus, do not stop; those of us who have read the rules may run up your butt if you do. The same applies for a five lane road with a center turn lane. Don't stop if not following the bus. The routes are arranged so that kids don't have to cross major highways to get to the bus. Following? stop. Opposite direction, keep rolling.

That's my yearly rant about that. We now have some traffic circles where stop signs used to be. Many drivers don't understand the concept. Here it is in a nutshell: You yield to those in the circle. If you are in the circle keep going to your exit. That ain't hard, now, is it? Too bad none of my local traffic circle users will read this.

Nephew and his wife added to the earth's population yesterday and enlarged the greater family by one baby girl. Congrats to them both. All are doing fine, even the father.

BRB is Write (and loves the fresh air flowing through the house; take that, Duke Power!)


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