Thursday, September 20, 2007

Some Minor Observations

Saw a guy dressed head to toe in camos ripping through traffic on a super ninja bike. Didn't strike me as a very good fashion choice for rush hour traffic.

There is a tee shirt shown here that I'd like to have. I reminds me of a time when I was still smoking. I used to stop at a downtown convenience store to get smokes almost every morning. The store changed managers and staff quite often. This day as I walked in I hear, instead of "Good morning," "How you doin', Boss?" New manager, black guy grinnin' at me. I just looked at him and got my smokes and left with a "goodbye." Next day same thing. The third day he gave me that greeting I responded: "Do you call all your customers boss or only the white ones?" His face went blank/hooded. He never greeted me that way again. He was gone a few months later.

Years ago I had a black co-worker who had a great tee. It had that red "Danger" sign and below it was: "Educated Black Man."

My favorite tee was on a young woman working at the feed co-op in our part of Canada:
"I may not be perfect, but some of my parts are excellent."

We've had the windows open, now, for almost a week. Except for a few bugs slipping through the cracks the screens leave, it's been great. The electric meter is now in slo-mo mode. Duke power worry.

Here is one reason I am ripping off all self-applied labels. I am still registered as a Democrat, but that can change. How stupid can a gang of Democratic Senators be? (Chorus: How stupid are they?) Warriors go to war. They need time off, yes. But the best way to get them home is to hand off the defense of Iraq to the Iraqis.

Dammit, I used to know who was on my side and who was against me. Now, all I can see are friggin' idiots posing for cameras and pandering to varied interests. My voting pattern used to be: "When in doubt, throw the incumbents out." From what I can see, the challengers bring even less to the fight.

BRB is Write (and had better stop)


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