Monday, June 05, 2006

Vanity Press ?

I guess that one has to have a certain measure (gallons?) of ego to publish a blog. I have written earlier about how MY BLOG is mostly journal writing, and that I'd like some public feedback on topics, style, or opinions. That's probably just BS, and/or justification. It's VANITY.

Publishing a blog is vanity press for the poor. It's free. Well, it's free if you don't count the computer system, internet access costs, and one's time. Ok, it's not free, but it is a lot less than finding and paying a publisher to print a run of my gibberish. And even more important, I give away all my opinions, and thoughts that are published. Read me for free.

So, dear reader, enjoy,or not; agree, or not; criticize, or not. Just remember, it ain't costing you anything.

(This time around, I taught this spell-checker words and concepts it had no idea about.) Ego, Vanity?



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