Thursday, June 01, 2006

Random Observations

Why does the spell checker on this site always query "blog" and "blogger"? I realize that I can add it to the lexicon, but why should I have to?

Seen at a road construction site: Sign reads: SLOW ROAD PLATE AHEAD. Didn't know road plates could move at any speed.

Sign at local carwash: Wash Pollen Off Attendant Sunday. That attendant must have been standing around under our oak trees as long as my car has; never saw him.

There was an abandoned car parked on Main Street in our downtown between the Court House and the Federal building FOR A WEEK! Memories must be short around here, or they had to wait until the bomb sniffing dogs got back from squirrel hunting. I guess the authorities figured that if it didn't blow up in the first 24 hours, it wasn't a hazard.

Spell checker doesn't know carwash, either. Time to buy a dictionary.


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